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The Harriet House

The Harriet House is a beautifully restored historical home nestled in the heart of Ellensburg's Historical District. The home boasts four luxurious bedrooms each appointed with a private bath; other amenities include a full kitchen, a formal dining area, living room and a dedicated gaming area.  

The home also boasts a generous selection of outdoor spaces including a  wrap around porch, multiple garden spaces, a barbeque, and a hot tub. 
                        We look forward to hosting you. 

Old Harriet_edited.jpg
My time at the wellness retreat at The Harriet House was such a delightful and meaningful experience.  The hosts, Johnny and Linda Graf, are beautiful humans who care so deeply about pouring love back into the world. The teachers - Laura, Stephanie, and Tim - were all masters of their crafts and created safe spaces for everyone to have an impactful and restorative visit.

- Meredith

The wellness retreat hosted at The Harriet House was a delight; full of deep connection to my inner spirit. The knowledgeable healers who guided us were open and honest, giving off positive energy and understanding.  Each practitioner was able to utilize their respective techniques to help reduce stress, anxiety and worries while promoting a healing space to learn about myself. I walked away with curiosity, energy, and homework (the best kind) to become a better version of myself.

- Meghan

I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is interested in being enlightened and transformed in a loving and safe environment.  The practitioners will help you take a deep dive inward in order to become a better, more whole person outward. They’ll give you an experience to remember and leave you with actionable tools to move forward with what you have learned.  The Harriet House is a gorgeous and well-loved home, and its owners are generous and kind. There are great spaces in and around the house for solitude, and a wonderful gathering kitchen for community. Treat yourself to a weekend of transformation - you won’t regret it. 
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